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Fall Programs Day | Saturday, October 19, 9:30 AM-2:00 PM

Balance Arts Center 151 W. 30th St, New York NY

Join the Consortium for its annual Fall Programs Day, bringing together local choral leaders for a day of learning, networking...and, of course, some singing!

2019 sessions will include:

  • The Singer's Missing Link: How to consciously build your best instrument so that singing can feel easy, free, and natural with Matthew Cahill --- Instrumentalists care about what instrument they’re playing. Shouldn’t singers too? We are our own instruments: our minds and our bodies. Just because singers bring our instruments with us wherever we go, doesn’t mean we're the same instrument from day to day. We all have days when our minds and bodies feel energized, easy, and ready. We are our best instruments: we think “sing!”and singing feels easy and natural. Then we all have days when our minds and bodies feel tired, tense, and unavailable. We are not our best instruments: we think “sing!” and singing feels like climbing Mt. Everest through a fog of physical and mental tension. In this workshop, learn how the Alexander Technique can make singing easy and natural every time by filling in the missing link of consciously building your best instrument between having the thought to sing and the act of singing. In these two hours, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Alexander Technique theory, exploratory games, and some light hands-on and verbal guidance, so that you can discover the first steps to consciously building the most free, spacious, and ready to resonate instrument so that singing can feel easy, natural, beautiful, and fun.

  • Vocal Fundamentals: Energize, Connect, Release! with Amaranta Viera --- Balancing solo vocalism with the requirements of ensemble singing presents unique technical challenges. This workshop aims to give participants the tools they need to sing with freedom and joy in all situations.

  • Marketing 101 for Choirs with Jacob Levine --- Selling tickets, soliciting donations, and recruiting singers are daily challenges for choirs. Ever wished you knew how to tackle these challenges more effectively? You've come to the right place! This workshop will give you some solid marketing skills you can use to strengthen and grow your organization.

This workshop is open to the staff, board, and members of all NYCC choruses, so please share with your team!

Registration is $10 for singers, staff, and board members of NYCC member choruses and $15 for non-members. Registration fee covers sessions + snacks!


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Saturday, October 19

At the Balance Arts Center

The New York Choral Consortium      c/o Oratorio Society of New York      1140 Ave of the Americas, 9th Floor      New York, NY  10036