Diversity in Action
NYCC Welcomes Intern Mary Daugherty!
Mary is a DMA student in conducting at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and was recommended for this project by Dr. Marques Garrett. She will be working to expand and update Dr. Garrett's "Beyond Elijah Rock" composer and repertoire list. Visit Mary's update to the database HERE. (You can visit Dr. Garrett's original database at the link at the bottom of the page).  

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Mary shares: "Working with Dr. Garrett these past few months has opened my eyes to the world of historically excluded late composers, as well as underrepresented living ones. I’m drawn to this project because it will give me an opportunity to accurately catalogue Dr. Garrett's “Beyond Elijah Rock” repertoire list, and other future lists, making them easily accessible to other conductors.  It’s my goal that my work on this project aids in my diversification, and that of others."

Composer Meet and Greet

NYCC Diversity in Action chair Everett McCorvey organized this wonderful opportunity to meet seven dynamic African-American composers and learn about their work. They included: Cedric Dent, Marques L. A. Garrett, Diane White-Clayton, Rosephanye Powell, Timothy Amukele, and Kathy Bullock. Watch the full event below.

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