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NYCC Membership Day

And.....We're Back!

Saturday, February 5, 9:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Event will take place via Zoom

With the return to live rehearsals and performances well underway for our member organizations, we thought this year’s Membership Day would be an excellent opportunity to compare notes.

     • How has your group managed the return, and this current omicron pause?

     • What has been the impact on your group, financially and programmatically, of having to

        postpone or cancel concerts?

     • Have you continued to engage your stakeholders with virtual content?

     • And, what does next year look like? Are you making flexibility a permanent part of your                      planning cycle?


We will organize the morning into topical discussions and breakout sessions as we all share our visions for a new equilibrium.

Membership Day will be of keen interest to artistic directors, executive directors, board members, and staff from all member organizations. Please spread the word to everyone who may be interested, and register as soon as possible using the link below so that we can better organize the various discussion groups.​

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