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June 13 - 7:30pm

Church of St. Vincent Ferrer

869 Lexington Ave, at E. 66th St


THE CREATION by F.J. Haydn (Selections)

(In English)


Veronica Mak, soprano

Kevin Lee, tenor

Andrew Jurden, bass



Kathryn Schneider - NYC Bar Chorus

Alec Galambos - Khorikos

David Recca - NYC Master Chorale

Ronnie Oliver - EnsembleNYC

Ryan Brandau - Amor Artis

Mary Huff - NYC Children’s Choir of Madison Ave. Presbyterian Church

Billy Janiszewksi - Tapestry

Patrick Gardner - Riverside Choral Society

James Wetzel, organ

Tom Jennings, piano

All music selected for The BIG SING is freely is either drawn from the “public domain repertory (meaning, out of copyright), or is provided for this event courtesy of the publisher and/or composer.

NYCC’s The BIG SING is an annual free massed singing event inaugurated in 2011 by the New York Choral Consortium as an opportunity for New York choral singers to sing together, and to celebrate the beginning of the summer, a season in which the City is active with choral workshops, festivals and “sing” series.  Typically between 300 and 400 singers participate.  All are welcome!  


To our knowledge, NYCC’s The BIG SING is the first such annual event in the country.  Since 2011, several other choral consortia around the country have inaugurated similar annual events. For contact with other consortia nationwide, click here - Choral Consortia - Promoting the Choral Art Together.





Q. Who can sing?  


Anyone!  No audition.  No background check.  


Q. Don’t I need to be an NYCC member?  


Nope.  All are welcome!


Q. What if I want to just listen?  


Perfectly fine.  You have a treat in store!


Q. What music is sung and where do I get it?  


All music selected for The BIG SING is freely is drawn from the “public domain” - meaning, out of copyright.  We post each year’s repertoire right here for easy download, or for e-reading on site.  NOTE:  Scores are not provided on site (which is part of how it can be a free event!), so each singer does need to come with his/her own e-reader or printed copy.


Q. Why do people come?


As many reasons as individuals, to be sure, but . . . well, it’s a “shared community” thing among people who share a passion for the choral art.  This one day each year, all singers in all choirs are able to come together as One Great Big Apple Choir!  (The NYCC holds to a strict policy for this event as a solicitations-free zone.)  


Q. How do I learn the music?  


If you’ve sung in choirs, you’ll probably know at least some of it already.  What you don’t know already, others will, making singing along a reasonable expectation.  You can sit near others who sing your voice part.

Sheet Music Download:
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